Koa has always been Hawaii’s wood

Native only to Hawaii, Acacia koa is one of the most important trees in the native forest. It uniquely combines fast early growth with longevity and size. It is this quick growth, combined with its unique color and cultural significance that makes this tree special.

Over-harvesting and also clearing land for other uses have diminished koa forests.  Wood has traditionally had a lower market value than cows and farming. Because of this, many native forests have been converted wholesale to pasture and commodity production. Good koa lumber is now scarce.

Modern koa tree cultivation methods used by Forest Solutions have made native tree plantations viable in Hawaii, reversing decades of decline in native forest cover. Early rapid growth combined with superb wood quality make koa ideal for reforesting temperate lands throughout the islands.

As partners with Forest Solutions and other entities, Paniolo Tonewoods can help advance these and other scientific projects for the benefit of koa’s future.

Forest Solutions has successfully restore a former sugar cane plantation on Kamehameha Schools’ land at Pahala. This tall, thriving koa tree is only 1 year old, as indicated by Nick Koch’s gesture.